Mar 232012

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Traditional, distributed, flat, top-down, bottom-up, organic, grassroots, PLC’s, classroom-based – leadership in the modern age takes many forms. Being a school leader is no longer exclusive to the person at the top of the organization chart, but rather takes the form of the innovator, the instigator, the connector, or networker, regardless of official title. The ability to recognize and leverage these new types of leadership is what will help our schools be successful institutions capable of meeting the needs of the communities they serve.

Edcamp Leadership is planned as a day of conversations around leadership in schools – what does leadership look like in the 21st century, what skills are necessary for success, how does a schools empower its members to lead, and how do leaders navigate the modern educational landscape? Attendees of Edcamp Leadership will have the opportunity to share their projects and ideas in ways not afforded at the traditional conference. The learning is intense. The engagement is deep. The inspiration is limitless.

As with all edcamps, Edcamp Leadership is open to all who wish to attend, from administrators and teachers to parents and students. Save the date and come prepared to share.

See you on July 26th!

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